Not long ago we were standing in the middle of a restaurant kitchen watching a lot of hard-earned capital disappear down the drain. Money was escaping into the air and moldering on the back shelf of another horribly inefficient refrigerator. Being three people joined in curiosity and driven to creative improvements, we began pulling apart kitchens to find the biggest money wasters, the worst drain on resources and reinvent those pieces to create efficiency out of waste. Our first breakthroughs include:

• Refrigeration Coils that are smaller, last longer and offer immediate energy savings
• Cold Rails that feature solid-state cooling technology, enabling colder ingredient boxes using less energy—and no fans!
• Defrost Sinks that use 32 gallons of water to defrost frozen product in 30 minutes instead of 1,200 gallons and four hours
• Universal Water Savers featuring customizable, automatic faucet shut offs with controls hidden and safe from employee intervention

In designing this line of products for the hospitality industry, we kept solutions scalable. Any one of these products alone offers a quick return on investment through resource savings and lower maintenance costs. A suite of products offers exponential savings. We guarantee our work with 5-year warrantees on our products instead of the standard one-year.

We love restaurants. Together, we have spent nearly 50 years designing and running high-volume restaurants. We are a mechanical engineer who belongs to the third generation of a restaurant family; a veteran designer and builder of restaurants; and a chief implementer with decades of experience making sure that big projects stay organized and fully realized.

To succeed, all of us must focus on saving resources, on exploiting potential. Our fondest desire is to one day stand in the most modest of commercial kitchens and see that no refrigeration lines are corroded, no gaskets are leaking, no compressors are running twice as hard as necessary. No human beings are wasting time correcting for poorly designed equipment. In this perfect world, we are free to focus on transforming raw ingredients into great meals.

Saving resources is good for the planet, good for business and good for the families and employees that rely on our decisions. We are building solutions.

Andrew Luketic, President